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How to organize a Sustainable Event

How to organize a Sustainable Event

A traditional event can have a significant negative impact on the environment and on the local communities.

Transportation of guests and materials, energy consumption, garbage production, dismantling, etc. etc., are some of the "polluting consequences" generated by an event.

A growing negative consumption that some international organisms felt the need to regulate . From the first certifications "Green Centric", the process moved to more modern rules that include the economic impact and the importance to delivery value to the local communities that host the event.

The turning point was given by the Olympic Games in London in 2012. At that time it was launched the international certification ISO 20121 , the most modern regulation for an Event Sustainability management System.

The ISO 20121 certification, that Action Brand among the first agencies in Italy has achieved after intensive work, is much more than a checklist.

it is a new social and cultural approach that embraces all areas of an event , from the creative concept to the production, step by step .

This path has been made possible thanks to clients willing to create the right virtual chain of behaviors , people , services and goods. All of them  chosen because they adhere to the principles of managing a sustainable event.