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How to choose an Event Management Agency ?

How to choose an Event Management Agency ?

The choice of an agency that supports clients in the organization of an event is a very delicate process on which largely depends the success or failure of the meeting with its stakeholders.

Choosing an agency means relying on partners who not only have the right experience, but also the "style" appropriate to the event, the capacity to align with the strategy and to respond quickly to changes and emergencies.

Also, not least, the professionalism of making the customer's interests even in the budget drafting and  in respecting the cost control along the entire process

Clients select the event agency through many methods, the most common are :

  1. calling a pitch
  2. giving the brief to one or more agencies suggested by colleagues / friends / suppliers ( word of mouth )
  3. relying on an agency that has already worked for that customer

THE PITCH : In case of a tender called by major corporations, it is often the purchasing office (procurement) that invites the agencies and gives them a written brief. This process is sometimes managed by purchasing web platforms that manage the entire process, from the Q&A, to the agency final proposal and budget upload. This process rarely allows the client to choose the appropriate agency for the event.  The dramatic lack of direct "contact " between clients (general manager, marketing , event manager, sales director) and the agency teams, prevents the focus on a large number of expectations and details .  This scenery changes positively when the clients are able to meet agencies, both in the brief session and during the final proposals and budget presentation.

WORD OF MOUTH : Sometime clients look for the agency's accreditation by the opinion of a colleague or friend. There is something good in this word of mouth method but the great risk is to never meet the "right" agency. In fact the word of mouth method generally rewards the largest event agencies, located in big cities and able to reinforce their awareness through media relations , social activities , advertising , CRM etc. While small but very creative and well organized agencies remain unknown. 

THE RECURRENT AGENCY: Assigning the event to the recurrent agency it is obviously an advantage. It eliminates surprises and allows the client to rely on those who already own its culture and the expectations. Sometimes it becomes a sort of exclusivity, renewed for years . In this case, if the relationship is so intense and successful, the client should "acquire" the agency and its know-how, optimizing costs and resources.